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Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Song - Andrea Levy

Last Song
Andrea levy

Miss July -with a little editorial help from her son- tells the story of her life in Jamaica during the last years of slavery and the early years of freedom that follow.

Born a slave girl on the Amity sugar plantation, July is removed from her mother at a young age and used by the mistress of the plantation Caroline Mortimer, as a housemaid. Set during a dark chapter in human history Long Song is a moving story that marries the deepest, smallest personal emotions with an epic narrative tale. July leads the reader through the turbulent years recalling her heartache, fears, disappointments, hopes, desires, loves, betrayals, and eventually her acceptance of the events that constitute her life.

July’s occasional breaks from recounting her story to speak directly to her reader adds a humourous and unique tempo to the narrative. Her banter with her son Thomas Kinsman, as he attempts to abide and abet his mother with the editing of her story adds a humourous and unique twist to the narrative.

Told with unwavering honesty, Love Song’s bittersweet ending is touching without being over sentimental. Levy is a talented and distinctive voice whose perceptive eye and sharp wit assures her of a bright-bright future and much fuss-fuss!

Last Song was shortlisted for the 2010 Man Booker Prize. 4 stars

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